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Ode to My Dad

My dad is a strange, wild dude. He’ll basically do whatever the hell he wants, and then randomly pay you and/or give you things. He’s incredibly generous, but always subject to his specific parameters which are Unknowable and Ever-Oscillating.

A funny thing. I guarantee you he has talked shit about you at some point. That includes everyone, you, me, Anne, probably even my sister Heather, EVERYONE - if he’s met or heard of a person he’s talked shit about them to someone. We just nod and smile.

BUT that’s only when he’s in a shit-talkin mood. Other times he’s damn near the most positive guy I’ve ever known.

There’re things he’s a master of. The dude built a real carousel horse from start to finish with his own two hands.

He’s a cool ol’ guy. One of the kind of people who when they’re gone it’ll be the end of an era.

I only wish I could say more more eloquently. This was what came to me as I was falling asleep but there’s so much more. The guy truly contains multitudes.


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