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January is Awful, So I'm Having a Contest

Hello, that’s right, a contest! Please share this post far and wide because while I want tens and hundreds of people to enter my contest, I’d like to as much as possible avoid giving facebook money to encourage them to keep censoring people’s content unless we give them money.

That said! …

Got a kid who wants to be a fairy princess? A Spider Dude? A Centaur? A beautiful butterfly? Here’s your chance to get a beautiful piece of artwork depicting their heart’s wish for free in return for just helping me promote my work a bit!

More details here:

Now, sharing THIS image does NOT constitute a contest entry! Obviously, I need people to share this post and this image far and wide in order to get anyone and everyone who wants a free portrait to “enter” the contest, but sharing this image doesn’t enter you into the contest, you see, to enter the contest you need to:

1. Find an image of one of my artworks that you like on my facebook page and share it (publicly) on all your social media along with a link back and a quick note about how I’m a person who draws portraits, and PM or email me a link to each one for another entry! or, 2. Find an image of one of my artworks that you like on my website,, do the exact same thing! Either one works as long as people who read your posts can easily link back to here or my website, or both, and find my information!

Don’t worry about getting too many other people to enter and reducing your chances of getting a free portrait, because if enough people enter, I’ll pick more names! I need stuff to draw.

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