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I Am NOT a Crypto Bro. However...

People [who don’t live in New York] should really get on Coinbase and sign up for Coinbase Earn. They give you $1-3 in free cryotocurrency just for watching these short animations with facts about that coin and then answering these three silly little super easy quiz questions. Usually it’s totally obvious what the answer is. The one I took today, the answers that weren’t correct were like “it bakes artisanal bread” or something.

Then you can just sell that crypto, or, keep it and see what it does. There are three that you can leave there in Coinbase and they’ll earn 4-6% interest*. There’s around $50 in free money just sitting there. I’ve done a LOT of things for the bonus dollars, and this was by far the quickest and easiest. A year later, they still send me little videos and quizzes about new coins that come out and then give me $3 worth of that coin for absolutely free.

PLEASE NOTE, this is not a referral thing, I am NOT trying to make anything, I get literally nothing if you sign up - notice that I have not posted a referral link? That’s because their referral program is just a BS marketing gimmick.

There’s no need for you to keep reading if you don’t want to hear me explain that, but I’m going to explain that...

Coinbase has two apps: Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. Coinbase charges ridiculous fees compared to Coinbase Pro. Pro sounds like it costs money but it doesn’t. It’s just a stripped-down app that you can buy and sell with and the fees are super low. Coinbase Pro has no referral program, and the referral program for Coinbase gives you and me each $10 worth of Bitcoin if you spend $100 on cryptocurrency. But I think you’ll actually lose more than that in fees by spending $100 on Coinbase instead of using Pro. And I’m not trying to trick my friends into losing money to fees so I can get $10 worth of icky Bitcoin. (ask me why I think it’s icky, that’s a whole ‘nother essay.)

So, long story short, get on there and get around $50 for free, but to hell with their stupid referral program, don’t even use Coinbase if you really want to buy coins.

* = These are Algorand, Cosmos and Tezos. Currently ALGO earns 4% APY, Cosmos (ATOM) earns 5% and Tezos (XTZ) earns 4.65%. These were the only ones that I decided to buy more of after doing the quizzes. I have built up to around $300 in Algorand now and I’ve received $7-10 worth of Algorand back in interest in less than one year.

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