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Hating Kids Isn't a Personality

The fact is that children are the future and this is an indisputable fact of life. Babies in Pampers are the younger adults you’ll have to deal with in twenty years, and the generation who will decide how the culture in this country addresses the needs of the elderly eventually. Think about that.

Hating children and everything to do with them shouldn’t be considered an option or accepted as a personality trait. You don’t have to want to have any, you don’t have to want to be around them, you don’t ever have to even see one if you can avoid it, BUT if you give a damn about the future of your country at all, you MUST understand that we need to, at a MINIMUM, educate them ALL, make sure they have good healthcare and keep them from harm and abuse.

You need to know that this will absolutely bring down rates of crime, violence, drug abuse, and dependence on government programs, and will result in a generally smarter and healthier population and can only have a positive effect on our profile internationally and our contributions to science.

You don’t get to complain that people are so damn stupid these days if you’re not willing to do anything to help make sure the next generation turns out alright.


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