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Wonderful News!

Well I have a piece of wonderful news… I have been asked to illustrate a children’s book!

I’m so stinkin’ excited, y’all! I’m beaming!

I can’t go into any more detail at this time but I promise you’ll know all about it once I am allowed to!

Know what else I’m excited about that goes hand in hand with this great news? —I’ve sat down to draw and paint each and every weekday for the past two weeks!! I’ve made a [loose] schedule, and I’ve stuck to it!! I have seven pieces I’m currently working on - including an acrylic painting, a Watercolor painting, a color pencil portrait, a little comic strip, and some digital pieces - AND I AM ACTUALLY WORKING ON THEM!! I’ve finished and delivered three smaller projects in two weeks. And there are three more I’ve just picked back up after trying to start them months ago but being unable to make real progress at the time, and discovered that in the meantime I learned enough more about using Procreate to really get underway with them!

I think it’s safe to say that I am back!!

(The image has nothing to do with the children's book in question, it's just a manga girl I drew to test out my new markers several years ago, and I added it just to add a picture!)


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