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Critters in the Dusk

So we were walking around the neighborhood at dusk, and there are these areas where the trail that people are allowed to drive golf carts on (but not to ride bikes or even walk on) go through a patch of woods from the street to the golf course. It's a gated community that's centered around a golf course and "club". And as we were walking down the road, we passed one of those spots, and heard the wildest animal noises coming from in there. I mean, there were two or three animals in there and they were having a Time. It was not a noise I have ever heard coming from bushes. I really couldn’t imagine what it could be, but I wanted to really listen for a moment, and as I instinctively turned my flashlight and myself in that direction Brian said something like, “I mean, I can't promise those aren’t wild boars.”

So of course I stopped. And I listened. And then I decided it was better if a 110-lb woman didn’t investigate wild animals in the thick underbrush in the rapidly gathering dusk, in a part of the country she's not very familiar with, armed with nothing but a plastic flashlight. But I didn't think there was any way it could have been a WILD PIG.

And then I got back to the house and Googled it and found this.


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