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Roe v. Wade

If you vote Republican, please read this. I am begging you to just read what I’ve written here. It’s not copied and pasted, and it is NOT IDEOLOGICAL. The supreme court is up there talking about constitutional conservatism. Well, the constitution guarantees the right to life. Believe it or not, that applies to women and girls and not just to embryos. Some of the Republican lawmakers that you have voted for are up there arguing that a woman should not be allowed to have an abortion in the case of Ectopic pregnancy. We need you to understand what your Senators and Representatives clearly do not: Ectopic pregnancy MEANS DEATH, for both the mother and the embryo. And it is NOT a baby. It is an EMBRYO, a small cluster of cells, and it will NOT survive. There is no way to successfully carry out an Ectopic pregnancy. The woman WILL die. The embryo will not become a fetus - it isn’t possible.

So what I need you to understand is that I see you supporting these people, and I see these people you support arguing that if a woman develops a rare and FATAL medical condition during her pregnancy, her choices should be jail or death. If you are voting for these people you are showing your support for THIS. If you are voting Republican right now, you are saying very clearly to every woman you know that you believe any woman who suffers this medical emergency must either become a felon and be subject to imprisonment or die. Make no mistake, there is no other choice that’s possible here. She will get an abortion, or she will die. Is this what you want? Is this what you call “pro-life?” You’re directly supporting women dying for embryos that cannot be saved.

I am seriously upset that some of the people I’ve met and spoken with nicely, some of the people who teach my child in school, maybe even some of the people who are my doctors and nurses continue to cast their votes for people who are writing laws that condemn women to death. You're asking doctors to choose between going to jail or literally killing their patients. Any doctor who refuses to perform an abortion on a woman with an ectopic pregnancy, because he'll go to jail if he does, IS signing her death certificate. I’m sorry, but this is the reality.

This is what you’re supporting if you continue to consider yourself a Republican.

Some of the lawmakers you’ve voted for are even up there arguing that an eleven year old girl who is raped by a grown man should be forced to carry a baby to term. Do you yourself believe that a cluster of cells smaller than a grain of rice and which in no way even resembles a living being is truly more important than the life of a child? Do you actually understand what carrying a pregnancy to term does to the body of an adult woman, let alone to an eleven year old girl? Can you actually come up with any argument for how that could possibly be allowed that doesn’t bring up your religion and your god? Because this is America, land of the free, and you’re not supposed to be able to pass laws forcing others to follow your religion, but you’re making it totally clear that you think you should be able to force your religion onto me when you support today’s Republican politicians.

It is extremely upsetting to live in a country where this is allowed to happen. It doesn’t matter that I’m not going to get pregnant again, it doesn’t matter that I’m past having children. I don’t feel physically safe living in a country where half of my neighbors are supporting politicians who are taking away my sovereignty over my own body. How do I look at my neighbors and treat them the same way knowing that they are materially supporting, financially supporting, and voting for people who write laws that clearly state that in a situation a woman has no control over, she has to choose between jail and death? Politicians who have been trying hard for the past 30, 40, 50 years to take away my religious freedom.

And that is all while you think you shouldn’t have to get a vaccine because of your religious freedom, but you’re okay with taking away my religious freedom, and my freedom to save my own life in certain situations. You are supporting people who want to legislate their version of their religion onto me. And by the way - I have been a Christian, I have gone to church, I have read the bible. This is NOT Christianity! Mitch McConnell is not practicing Christianity. Jesus didn’t tell you to pass laws using the government to force me to follow your interpretation of your religion.

And if you’re ignoring it, you’re supporting it. If you call yourself a Republican, you’re helping this happen right now.

You’re denying science, facts and reality. All in service of some politicians who are not in support of anything that Christ taught, but using the name of Jesus Christ to get YOU to give THEM all of the power so that they can make the rest of us do whatever they want. That is what you’re doing. If you call yourself a Christian, you’re supposed to take your marching orders from Jesus Christ, NOT from a Mitch McConnell, not from a Jerry Falwell and sure as hell NOT from Donald Trump.

And that is not “constitutional conservatism.” It’s oppression of an entire category of people and it will make this country no different from Iran or Saudi Arabia.


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