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Amanda Grace

You can hire her for Portraits of people and pets, any type of commission pieces, or purchase prints.


You can also contact her about modeling at art classes, Drink 'n' Draws, for music videos and photo shoots!

Please have a poke around and be amused by her personal artwork as well!

Visual Artist
           Arts model
Amanda's Agenda

Drawing and Painting Pets & People - see the Portraits and Commissions page

Prints, original pieces, artwork-based products and more for sale on Etsy and Society6 

Modeling for art classes, music videos and other art events. See the Art Modeling & Video Appearances pages.

Amanda has worked incredibly hard over the years, overcoming personal and health struggles, while striving to be the very best mom she can be for her son who struggles with serious ADHD.

Proceeds from all commissions, prints sold, modeling jobs, and sales from her Etsy and Society6 shops help Amanda to raise funds for an intensive nutrition program; classes; along with the time away to visit doctors, therapists, and other things that enrich the life of this little defender of Gotham right here.

Blogging may occur
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